Monday, January 25, 2010

Submitted and Fun

As per the previous stated goals:

1) Got a paper submitted this morning. Woot! Now onto the next one.

2) Had lots of fun this weekend - hanging out with friends and going to a party, more hanging out this week to come.

3) Am prepping for my classes - we started today. I'm teaching all classes that I've taught before so that should be better.

4) Thanks to SS for helping me on the fun front :-)

5) Open House this coming weekend is scheduled.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

New Year and some New Goals

Ok well not all the goals are new.

Happy New Year to all!

My goals for this year include
1) Talking to my friends more - I never seem to spend enough time visiting or talking with them. (also I hope to be able to visit more once we move at the TBD date)

2) Get publications out - if any of you readers want to help read drafts and or keep me motivated let me know. I need to get more out and have been working on the first of two that need to go asap. I need something out before September if possible.

3) Relaxing more - I can't stress about everything all the time. It doesn't help me get anything done or enjoy my relaxation time.

4) Get the darn house sold so we can move. I hate cleaning all the time and want to enjoy a new house with the hubby and puppy.

There are lots of other goals but if I can accomplish those four I'll be content with the year. :-) Oh and if I could have all my classes run for the Spring to avoid a new prep that would be AWESOME. I'm in a holding pattern for that at the moment.