Monday, October 5, 2009

Update - Ack it's October

So, I can't believe that it's October. It's been a busy Fall. The Race for the Cure went well. It was rather bitter sweet and a little sad. My mom has walked in the Race for many years but couldn't this year. She's now been a survivor for 15 years. Go Mom!!! And, it was hard seeing so many women who are way too young to be fighting cancer. Here's a picture of me at the race. I was fighting off pink-eye and a sinus infection in case you were wondering about the glasses. My friend is trying to raise awareness for metastatic breast cancer so if you know anyone else who's interested - her sign has the info. Our team, Breast Canter, walked with people from the Young Survival Coalition. So, all together we had a group of about 10 of us walked the 1K including a 3 year old (walked most of the way) and a 6 month old (in a stroller).

On, the home front, we're still on the market. I'm still cleaning house and cleaning house and .... you get the picture. But I'm hopeful that even without 2016 that things will work out. Gavin is doing well and is very cute and snuggley. There are new pics of him on Facebook - let me know if you want a few here.

On the hubby front, the latest and greatest new feature of Cinekin, Matchmaking by Cinekin has launched. For amusing video, check out the site - I make an appearance. Also, if you want to try out the site for either matchmaking or friendmatching it's free for a little while. We've been posterizing and street teaming to try to get the word out.

On the work front, busy but good. Too much to do, too little time. Have I mentioned the panic that this is my last year to get shit done before I apply for tenure. :-)