Thursday, July 9, 2009


So adventures of summer? Ack - too much to do and not enough motivation. Um, I taught - it was fun. Went to St. Louis, played in the city museum and ate yummy indian food with Tim and Jenny and went to a mexican/jewish wedding. The city museum is AWESOME and I really wish I lived closer to it - I would so go play there instead of not-going to the gym. We went to Rose City, Mi for the 4th and read 5 books (Harry Dresden books 2 - 4 and some fluffy paranormal's in the Marcy Thompson series) and hung out with friends. Gavin had a great time and jumped into the lake - although he was surpised and climbed back out very quickly. Now, we're back and cleaning house again. Our house has been on the market since mid-April and I'm getting tired of maintaining a spotless house. We've decided to move and want to move but can't until this place moves. sigh. I'm also trying but not well to get some writing done this summer since I apply for tenure in Fall 2010 and need more papers to my name. Any advice from my readers in getting writing done (it's editing really not much new) but I'm stuck. Oh, and I'm also writing quizzes for a publisher. But, I'm back to getting more off my to-do list and intend to post a real post soon that isn't a litany of what I'm doing.