Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Too busy

I'd like to apologize to my readers (the few of you out there) for my lack of posting. Life has been a busy mess of grading and web design work. I've been working on my faculty organization site and the ever so fun election madness, the alumni group for the camp I used to go to and work at needs a site update (more on that soon), and assisting with some tedious but necessarily store updates on zazzle (see previous post). Oh, and we've had three faculty searches going on too. Ack. But spring break starts next week and I promise to post more since I have been knitting a sweater.

more later

New Items at Cinekin

I've been working on helping to update the gallery of cinekin products. So here's a flash panel of some of the items. The rest of the site which does custom tailored movie and critic recommendations is up at www.cinekin.com.

make custom gifts at Zazzle