Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Teaching and Snails Sorting

So, I've been hiding and teaching and sorting. A fun summer activity, on Mondays and Wednesdays I sit in my office for my two hours of office hours (I should be grading currently) and then eat lunch and teach for 4.5 hours. This means my class is 3x faster than normal.... ACK!!! Lots of grading and material and 4.5 hours is LONG. I've been doing one or two breaks but the attention span of everyone is difficult, not to mention switching topics or doing two labs a class....

Oh and the sorting - so when I signed up for the conference at the end of June I thought I'd have plenty of time to work. It was in March - I still hadn't really started the sorting but it was March. Fast-forward to the end of May - still not started.... I've now logged more hours sorting in the past week than is healthy for my wrist, back, eyes, life, etc but am almost done. And then I get to ID the little buggers.... I'll post some pictures when I get to that stage I think. But back to grading and sorting.

btw - WiiFit is Awesome!