Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Puppy Pictures

So we got Gavin in August a few weeks after our last Great Dane passed away. Gavin is an undercolored harlequin meaning that he doesn't look like a BIG dalmation but a very white and pink dane.

(above) This is Gavin when he was about 25 lbs and although it's a little blurry. It's one of our favorities of the little puppy. You can't see his spot but you can see his pink nose and big paws.

Gavin has lots more energy than our last dane and is very smart. He watches when you put something away and will try to get it back hours later. I think that more submissive puppies would be easier to deal with at times. But more cute pictures coming up.
(left) This is Gavin at about 40 lbs. There's a maglite in the back for scale.

Gavin got very sick around the holidays - he had an elbow hygroma which got infected. But after surgery and recovery - he's doing much better now and doesn't seem to have any lasting issues.

Here's a picture of a sick Gavin from near Thanksgiving - he has his snoopy toy near him and post-its and grading for scale. Oh and you can see his spot in this one.

Last but not least - here's a picture from last week or so of Gavin and my sweetie. He's gotten much bigger now.


Year three is done!

So I'm currently awake and tired because a certain puppy decided that 7 hours of sleep was enough for him. Or more accurately that he needed to go out and then run around so he's tired again and I'm tired and awake.... grrr.... (pictures of puppy will be posted soon - he's now about 140 lbs of muscle but is still growing)

But this week marks the end of my third year of teaching. And I have exactly 8 days until the summer semester starts. I'll let you know at the end of the 5 weeks if I'll be doing this again. The money and incentive to get me to my office seemed like a good plan. But I'm not so sure right now since I really want a little bit of time to myself.

Well, the puppy is lying down - I wonder if I can sneak back into bed for a few minutes. My plan was to get up at 9 am and return to the grading of final projects. I'm off to see if the puppy will return to bed...