Wednesday, March 26, 2008


This is my first post to my blog. I've realized that I check my friend's blogs hoping that they'll post but that I don't actually post enough on the knitting blog or on others blogs. So this will hopefully get me posting about my adventures (however small they sometimes are) and give me an outlet for life when I need it.

My current addiction is knighthood on facebook - this is an evil application that is drawing me away from other game pursuits at the moment. I think this is because it constantly changes so people can steal my vassels at any point it it just changes everything. But it's a large waste of time and I really shouldn't be playing it as much as I do. sigh.

It's currently my spring break and I've been helping my hubby do work and neither getting mine done or really having fun. Tonight we had friend's over to game which was lots of fun but my goals of playing video games, reading books, and generally relaxing are falling a bit short. But I still have time to get those two tasks done before Monday.

Off to bed I go...